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Dankook University’s 74th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony
Writer 국제교류팀 방민혁
Date 2021.11.24
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Dankook University’s 74th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony 
“Let’s march toward the future, building on the noble founding spirits of the university.” 

On November 2nd, Dankook University celebrated its 74th anniversary (founded on November 3, 1947) with a commemoration ceremony along with a joint memorial ceremony for the university founders Mr. Beomjeong Chang Hyong and Mrs. Hyedang Cho Huijae. The ceremonies were kept simple, adhering to the government’s COVID-19 protocols.

Chairman Hosung Chang and Honorary Chairman Choongsik Chang of Dankook’s Board of Directors, DKU President Soo-bok Kim, other academic administrators, members of the university council, and family members attended the memorial for DKU’s founders held in the Convention Hall of the Dankook University History Museum to remember the principles upon which Dankook’s founders built the university.

Following the memorial, the 74th Anniversary Ceremony was held at the Nanpa Concert Hall where the Dankook Foundation and university administrators participated along with this year’s award recipients to look back on the university’s achievements during the past year and renew our commitments for the future.

In his commemoration speech, Chairman Hosung Chang expressed gratitude to “the hard-working efforts made by members that produced great achievements in various fields such as the University Basic Competency Diagnosis, R&D, and financial support projects despite the difficult conditions,” and added that “[we] should shape an advancing vision for the university as we face new challenges amid the fourth industrial revolution.”

“It was Dankook’s founding spirits that drove the university to move forward, despite difficulties, and to overcome tough times,” said DKU President Soo-bok Kim. He expressed his determination to “develop higher education contents fit for a new digital environment in order to respond to the infinite competition awaiting us in the near future, so Dankook can build on its deep roots and spread its wings to soar past 80 years and beyond its centennial.” 

“Dankook is a proud university that has fostered intelligent minds for our nation and our people,” said Sang-bae Lee, President of the Dankook Alumni Association, who also stated that “the alumni association will be by the university’s side, serving as a driving engine that assists and supports Dankook as its partner in becoming a world-class university.”

Former President of the Dankook Alumni Association, Eung-mo Ahn, received the Special Award of Distinction from the Chairman of the Board for contributions made to advancing the university and unity of alumni. Ahn served as the association’s president for 17 years from 1992 to 2009, leading the university’s advancement with loyalty to his alma mater and practicing the university’s educational direction of service. With affection toward the university he graduated from, Ahn also contributed to the unity and harmony of alumni members even after stepping down from his post as head of the alumni association.