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Excelling in student support - DKU selected for general financial support as part of the Ministry of Education’s ‘University Basic Competency Diagnosis’
Writer 국제교류팀 방민혁
Date 2021.10.13
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Dankook University’s continuous efforts to improve student support programs and advance curricula have borne fruit. On September 3rd, DKU was selected for general financial support after its excellent performance in the 2021 University Basic Competency Diagnosis (third term) administered by the Ministry of Education and the Korean Educational Development Institute.

Dankook has been improving the quality of its educational offerings by steadily recruiting tenure-track faculty members for years and has also increased the student tuition rebate rate, which contributed to a high score in this year’s evaluation. Moreover, to strengthen ties with the University Innovation Support Project, DKU has renewed its academic structure, overhauled classes and curricula, and implemented various programs to sharpen teaching capabilities to prepare for our future society. 

Dankook’s support for student employment and start-ups stood out in this year’s evaluation. Customized job training through ‘Youngwoong (Young熊) Story,’ which helps students design their own personalized portfolio, and ‘Dan.i,’ the artificial intelligence learning assistant, were highly acclaimed. DKU also poured efforts into extending its distinct entrepreneurial support program by expanding venues on and off campus for start-ups and fostering student CEOs, who registered KRW 1.4 billion in annual revenues this past year.

Career counseling programs aimed to increase student participation by attracting attention with customized services such as career consulting, career personality and aptitude psychological testing, and personalized counseling based on the psychological exams that tailored guidance to individual student needs. Two other services that support learning were noted for excellence: ‘Dan Learning Club - an on/offline program for strengthening learning skills - and the university’s co-curriculum – a learning program that combines academic and extracurricular activities. 

“Thank you to all the professors, students, and university staff who helped bring about such a remarkable outcome this year,” said DKU president Soo-bok Kim. He added that “we will be able to offer better quality educational services to our students for the next 3 years starting from 2022 through the University Innovation Support Project. This will serve as a new growth driver for Dankook to complete our own vision for future education innovation.”

The University Basic Competency Diagnosis is a policy assessment tool that evaluates universities every 3 years based on metrics such as class operations and curricula, student supports, learning conditions, education performance, accountability in university operations, and outcomes of development plans in the name of standardizing university education. It also aligns with directions to adjust the student body appropriately as the overall size of the nation’s student population shrinks. This year, 285 schools were subject to the diagnosis of which 233 were selected for general financial support.

In addition to 2015 and 2018, this is the third time Dankook was selected for general financial support based on its outstanding scorecard. DKU will take part in the University Innovation Support Project, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, as well as government-funded special purpose projects, receive benefits such as state scholarships and student loan support, and push forward with autonomous innovation based on the university’s mid and long-term development plans.