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Netflix sitcom ‘So Not Worth It’ filmed on Jukjeon campus meets global audience
Writer 글로벌전략팀 방민혁
Date 2021.07.20
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A new charming sitcom centered on the lives of multinational college students filmed on Dankook University’s Jukjeon campus has been unveiled to the world.

The Netflix original series So Not Worth It, which was filmed on the Jukjeon campus last year, was released to viewers on June 18th.

So Not Worth It is a sitcom series that highlights the love, friendship, and ‘sweet and sour’ college life of students living in an international dorm with a star-struck cast including actors Sewan Park and Hyun-seung Shin, K-Pop star Young-jae (GOT7), and model Hyun-min Han.

The sitcom also attracted attention as famous names that once stirred up the sitcom syndrome in Korea took part in its production. Ik-joon Kwon (creator and producer), known for producing the famous Three Guys and Three Girls and Nonstop series, Jung-shik Kim (episode producer), who produced High Kick!, and Ji-hyun Baek, who was a writer for Soonpoong Clinic, New Nonstop, and Rude Miss Young-ae, joined the production crew.

The poster shows Dankook’s Administration Building - Beomjeong Hall - in the background while the trailer shows various sites from the Jukjeon campus including the channel on the campus stairs, Peace Square, and the new student dormitory – Jinri-gwan. It will be fun for the DKU community to watch the sitcom, spotting familiar places from the campus. We also look forward to the program serving as an opportunity to introduce Dankook’s beautiful campus and facilities to viewers from around the world.