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Graduation performance of musical majors and “tomorrow’s musical stars” receive a ‘standing ovation’
Writer 글로벌전략팀 방민혁
Date 2020.07.23
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“Maintaining caution in such tough times, we have prepared what should be one of the most celebrated performances. We ask for your warm support and hope you enjoy the performance that was made possible, despite so many difficulties, thanks to the passion of our students.”

This was the special opening by student advisor and professor Jeong-han Kim on June 29th at the graduation performance of seniors majoring in musicals at Dankook’s School of Theater and Film that was held at the Baekam Art Hall in Seoul. It was a message asking for support and encouragement for students who prepared the performance with passion despite the current conditions where many cultural events are being discouraged due to COVID-19.

The performance was a spectacle that fascinated the audience of more than 400 people who filled the performance hall. Thirty-five students were split up into six teams which each put on a 30-minute performance. Even though the entire program lasted over 3 hours, there was not a single moment for the audience to feel bored thanks to the stunning singing performances and dazzling dance numbers that filled the stage.

Not only were there scores from famous Korean and international musicals, such as ‘Wicked’, ‘Rent’, ‘Mozart’, and ‘Kinky Boots,’ but also fusion performances that blended in “Trot” music were performed by students who showed off their individual talent and production skills. Students shed tears every time a performance ended as they lowered the curtain on their college life while the audience responded with a standing ovation.

Members of the musical, film, and music industries also attended the performance, which was fittingly titled ‘SHOW 2020 Showcase,’ to preview the talent of the next generation of performers in Korea. 

The performance was also an opportunity to witness the power of ‘K-CULTURE’ which has recently been sweeping the world. Foreign students Jiyean Chow (China) and Victoria (Malaysia) who came to Dankook in hopes of becoming a musical performer were also highly praised by the audience. “My dream of becoming a musical actress is what brought me here to Korea from Malaysia,” said Victoria who performed ‘Always Starting Over’ from the musical If/Then and overwhelmingly added that “the time I spent at Dankook University with outstanding professors, colleagues, and fellow classmates has made my life shine.”

The performance was held in compliance with all COVID-19 safety procedures including temperature checks, mandatory hand sanitization, and attendees obligated to wear masks at all times during the performance. The performance was broadcast live on YouTube and also received acclaim from those who were unable to attend in person.

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