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Face-to-face classes begin for lab, field experience, and practical courses
Writer 글로벌전략팀 방민혁
Date 2020.05.26
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Face-to-face classes begin for lab, field experience, and practical courses…"placing safety as a top priority" 



“Today we will begin with a basic plié move we learned while distance learning.” 


It is twelve thirty in the afternoon on Monday, April 20th. The basic ballet technique class is in full swing in room 402 of the Jukjeon campus Dance Hall. The six students participating in the class are all freshmen who joined the department this year. As the professor calls through the drill, students perform basic moves learned during remote learning. When a movement is not executed properly, the professor demonstrates the move and helps students make corrections. 

“This is the first time I've come to school since becoming a university student. Everything is still new to me but I'm excited and motivated to finally be in an actual classroom,” said Do-gyeong Kim, a freshman majoring in ballet in the Department of Dance. 

Classes are taking place while strictly observing COVID-19 preventive guidelines. Students must first fill out an online questionnaire on their current conditions prior to attending classes. People entering buildings such as the Dance Hall or Music Hall, where face-to-face classes are taking place, are obligated to undergo fever checks and sanitize their hands before entering. Students must not only wear masks during classes but also maintain a certain distance between each other.

“It is normally a class of 12 students but we have split the class into two groups of six. Learning the basics is essential for performance arts classes like ours and seeing the students in person makes it possible to instruct them with more precision than through distance learning,” said Professor Sobin Choi (Ballet, Dept. of Dance) who is in charge of the class.

Dankook University has strived to make improvements in remote learning by identifying issues through class evaluations and satisfaction surveys. It found there is a limit to how much can be done online for lab, field experience, and practical courses and decided to start offline classes for these courses.

Instructors and professors for each course and a special committee desigated for the process held closed discussions to determine which lab, field experience, and practical courses to hold in person. As a result, 322 of the 4,920 undergraduate courses have been selected to start face-to-face classes.

On April 11th and 12th, all buildings on campus were cleaned and disinfected in order to prepare for the opening of classrooms. In addition, the classrooms where actual courses take place will go through separate disinfection and sanitizing procedures every night.