• The majority of courses at Dankook are 3-credit courses. A 1-credit course includes one hour of lecture time per week for 15 weeks in one semester. i.e., a 3-credit course includes 45 lecture hours per semester. Apart from lectures, there are midterms and final exams which could vary in schedule and assessment type depending on courses. Exchange students from countries that use different credit system should consult about credit transfer with their home university.
  • Each class will receive a separate grade mark ranging from A+ to F. An A, B, and C is considered passing while D and F is considered below average and failing. Each of these marks is then averaged based on the number of credits assigned in what we call a Grade Point Average (GPA). Students may refer to the following table for conversion:

    Credit and Grading System
    Letter Grade Numerical Grade Grade Point
    A+ 95 - 100 4.5
    A 90 - 94 4.0
    B+ 85 - 89 3.5
    B 80 - 84 3.0
    C+ 75 - 79 2.5
    C 70 - 74 2.0
    D+ 65 - 69 1.5
    D 60 - 64 1.0
    F 0 - 59 0.0
  • The academic transcripts for students will be sent to their home university by post in four weeks after the semester is over.