Course Selection

  • There are more than 3,000 courses offered at each campus every semester. The degree programs at Dankook University are basically taught in Korean and some courses are offered to domestic full-time students only. Therefore, we make a list of English-taught courses every semester that can actually be offered to exchange students.
  • Students may choose any courses from the list and mix courses from different departments within the campus, regardless of their major. There is no prerequisite to attend courses in any year level too. However, students need to be certain about their capability to take those courses and determine at their own discretion.
  • Students can enroll in up to 19 credits per semester including the Korean language courses. There is no minimum number of courses required for exchange students, but taking at least 12 credits is recommended.
  • Students can take courses at one campus only. As students need to choose a campus at the stage of application, it’s very important that students need to look at the course list before submitting their application.

List of Courses

English Course List
Semester Course List Syllabi
Spring 2022 Download Download
Fall 2021 Download

The course list and syllabi for Fall 2022 will be available in early-August. Students wishing to study in Fall 2022 are advised to take a look at Fall 2021 instead, which will not be 100% identical to Fall 2022 but very similar.


After being accepted, students will need to submit course registration request form via email. The international office will then initiate the enrollment process with each department on campus. Unfortunately, students do not receive priority registration therefore it is important to note that class requests are not guaranteed. Students will have an opportunity to make changes to their schedule during the first two weeks of class if necessary.