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Korea’s First Ever Release of Digital Album as Student’s Talent Donation
Writer 마스터
Date 2012.05.15
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Taec Yeon Ok of the group 2PM has released a digital album to support his fellow Dankookians and less fortunate neighbors
Registered a song on Melon, needs active participation of students, faculty members and alumni by downloading

Our university has released a digital album entitled Blue Bears (featuring Taec Yeon) 1st Album , signifying Korea’s first donation album. The album features Taec Yeon, current students and alumni.
This album is made as a talent donation by the participants, and the profits will be used to help less fortunate neighbors. This is a campaign album for fundraising.

This digital album contains a new song, The Wing, for which Taec Yeon Ok (senior, Management) and students in the department of Vocal Music at Dankook University wrote the lyrics, composed the song, and sang together. The album also includes a remake of the song Night Like Tonight, which was a hit in the early 90s.

Taec Yeon Ok personally wrote the rap lyrics for The Wing and Night Like Tonight and participated in the singing. He also appeared in the music video of The Wing.

For this project about 100 people including Taec Yeon, Dankook University alumni and students participated in supporting roles as staff in choreography, video and design for a year, producing 2 songs and two related music videos.

This album is currently registered on the music site, Melon, and the university asks for active participation of our university’s students, faculty members and alumni.

Since this the first domestic and international release of a digital album that is made through the talent donation of university students, it will serve as a project promoting new donation culture in universities. Starting from this musical talent donation of our students, our university is planning to develop various cultural contents of talented students, alumni associates, and professors and open a talent donation concert.

Title: Blue Bears (featuring Taec Yeon) 1st Album
Musicians: Taec Yeon of 2PM and the Blue Bears

1. Night Like Tonight (remake)
2. The Wing (new song)

is a project album made through the talent donations of 2PM member Taec Yeon Ok and Dankook University alumni. Profits will be raised for school development and delivered as scholarships to young people experiencing economic hardship. The album is a love practice campaign for social organizations and less fortunate neighbors who need help.

Despite his busy schedule, Taec Yeon Ok wrote the rap and lyrics for both songs and devoted himself in a professional manner. Ji Yoon Yang (Department of Vocal Music) composed and arranged the song, and Jae Young Song added MIDI parts. Three other students (Doo Ri Moon, Kyung Eun Kim, Sun-hee Park) in Vocal Music participated as vocalists. Min Lee played solo cello for The Wing. Planning, production, and producing of the project was done by Bong Jun Lee, CEO of Hojin Communications and a representative of Dankook’s alumni.

Original Lyrics/Composition – Jung Sun Lee, Arrangement (MIDI)- Jae Young Song
Rap Lyrics, Rap- Taec Yeon Ok, female vocals- Doo Ri Moon, Kyoung Eun Lee

This is a very well known song among the generations, and we saw not only the people in their 30~40s but also young people in their 20s becoming one as they sang the song in a music café near H university. So, we selected and remade this song.
A house beat that younger listeners like is added to the song. A mixture of Taec Yeon Ok’s middle-low-tone rap, which is different from his original rap style, and the powerful yet unique vocal color of female vocalists Doo Ri Moon and Kyung Eun Lee adds freshness to this song.

An electronic sound was used in the entire song, arranged by Jae Young Song, a composer and pianist who can perform all kinds of genres like classical, jazz, and pop. He has already released a hip hop album, Sonz Family, and currently he is waiting for the release of his piano digital single albums Margin and Love.

Composition, Lyrics, MIDI – Ji Hoon Yang, Rap Lyrics & Rap- Taec Yeon Ok
Female Vocals- Sun Hee Park (Feat.), Cello- Min Lee

The Wing is an electronic hip hop song that mixes a dreamy sound with an addictive piano melody. This song delivers a supportive message to spread one’s wings and freely take to the sky when one experiences difficulties or failures in life. The powerful rap of Taec Yeon Ok sets the tone, and the voice of female vocalist Sunny adds a dreamlike sweetness to the song.

Unlike other popular existing songs that are mainly performed with electronic instruments, this song has exquisitely mixed the acoustic sounds of piano and cello to the electronic sound and gives a feeling of crossover music. Emotional instrumentals and cheerful rhythms add a spark to the sound in this new song.

About 100 Dankook University students participated to produce music videos for the album’s songs by planning, directing, and acting.

* This song can be downloaded at all music websites including Melon, Naver, and Bugs.
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