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Dankook University History Museum opens, displaying the university’s past 72 years
Writer 글로벌전략팀 김유인
Date 2019.12.04
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The Dankook University History Museum that showcases the university’s history of 72 years opened on November 1st. Construction started in February of last year and was recently completed as a six story building (gross floor area 5,432㎡) consisting of multipurpose facilities such as the Dankook University History Museum, a convention hall, an MOU office, museum storage, an administrative office and conference room, a café, and a parking lot. Dankook University representatives shared the need to build a university history museum when the university commemorated its 70th anniversary in 2017, and conducted a major fundraising campaign where more than 1,300 people took part in a funding relay including Chairman Choong-sik Chang of the DKU Board, former DKU President Ho-sung Chang, current DKU President Soo-bok Kim, other alumni and faculty members.

The ‘Dankook University History Museum’ on the second floor of the building is an exhibition of 72 iconic moments that show the timeline from when the university was founded as Korea’s first four-year full-time university (1947) to the Hannam-dong campus days, opening of the Cheonan Campus, and relocation to the Jukjeon Campus. Divided into three sections, documents, photos and relics are displayed for visitors to experience.

The Dankook University History Museum does not stop at simply exhibiting the university’s history, it is also equipped with a convention hall that can accommodate around 200 people and an MOU Office (3rd floor) to be used for international conferences, academic seminars, various exhibitions and venues for signing ceremonies. A museum storage (4th floor) and an administrative office and conference room (5th and 6th floors) are also in the building.

President Soo-bok Kim said “the History Museum will be where we can meet the entire Dankook family who have made hard-working efforts and dedications to shape Dankook into the university it is today. I look forward to that encounter guiding us so we can march forward together towards new milestones.”

The Dankook University History Museum will be open from 10 am to 4 pm on weekdays. Groups of seven or more persons can request guided tours of the exhibition. Reservations should be made at least five days in advance.(Contact: Curatorial Reference Office +82-31-8005-2069)