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Warm hearts heat up the holiday season
Writer 글로벌전략팀 김유인
Date 2019.01.18
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As 2018 came to an end, efforts to give to those in need continued during the holiday season. On Monday, December 31 of last year, Byung-ryang Kim, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, visited Yongin’s city hall to donate 50 boxes of ramen, worth around 1 million KRW. Vice President Soo-bok Kim of the Cheonan Campus also delivered 100 boxes of ramen, worth approximately 2 million KRW, to Cheonan’s city hall the week before on December 24. The donations of instant noodles will be delivered to low income families based on demand surveys carried out by each respective city government.

“The ramen donations were special orders given by DKU president Hosung Chang in order to practice the university’s educational direction of truth and services and share growth with local communities,” said Vice President Byung-ryang Kim who added that “[we] will strive to become a university that takes the initiative in being there for those in need and extending a helping hand.” In November, volunteer corps at Dankook’s two campuses also took part in preparing kimchi and delivering coal briquettes to basic livelihood security recipients and senior citizens living alone to help them get through the cold winter.

On November 9, the Jukjeon volunteer corps and student council visited basic livelihood security recipients and the elderly living alone in Yongin city to deliver four thousand coal briquettes and 80 kg of rice to eight households. The Cheonan campus volunteer corps and student council spent November 23 making kimchi for the local community, completing one thousand heads of kimchi cabbage to share. The winter kimchi project has been ongoing for years with around 60 students and faculty members joining in this year. The kimchi made was donated along with two thousand kilograms of rice to the Cheonan Welfare Center for the Disabled, the Chungnam Welfare Center for the Visually Challenged, welfare centers ‘Beautiful House’ and ‘Warm Nest’, and the Kiun Up volunteer group and Dogwangsa temple which operate free meal stations. “I’m sure there was room for improvement, it being my first time making kimchi, but it was worthwhile thinking that the kimchi I made may be fulfilling for someone in need during the winter. I hope I can take part again next year,” said Yong-deck Kim (Industrial Engineering, Junior).

On November 30, the Cheonan Campus faculty volunteer corps helped out at the ‘Beautiful House’ welfare center for the severely mentally challenged located in Buk-myeon, Cheonan city. They installed insulation material to windows and helped clean while also delivering cold weather goods to the residents.

On December 5, the College of Dentistry held a ceremony for the Equal Opportunity Volunteer Corps and local children. The ‘Equal Opportunity Volunteer Corps’ was jointly planned by I-Dasan LINC+ Project Group’s Smart Society Partnership Center and the Department of Public Administration to expand the collaborative network between the university and the local community. It consists of around ten students who have engaged in volunteer work since 2017. As part of the activities of its 3rd session, volunteers offered counseling and education services to 12 students in upper elementary grades at Anseo, Shinbu and Shinan Elementary Schools. Talent donations by Dankook students included foreign language tutoring and counseling, not to mention various programs for first-hand experiences such as visiting labs at the College of Pharmacy and the university library, dental checkups at DKU’s Dental Hospital and training on how to brush their teeth.