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Freshman Jiwoo Kim attracts 100 million KRW in investments with a startup business item
Writer 글로벌전략팀 김유인
Date 2019.01.03
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A DKU freshman has attracted 100 million KRW in government grants supporting startups. The freshman is Jiwoo Kim (Department of Software Science, year 1) who entered Dankook University through the entrepreneurial talent admission program. The grant was handed out for a system he outlined that remarkably reduces the workload for farmers filing claims for crops damaged by natural disasters—a software analyzing crop damage caused by natural disasters. Kim was selected for the ‘2018 innovative technology startup support project’ hosted by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) under the Ministry of Science and ICT last October and will receive 100 million KRW in startup funds for the next ten months.

“If you use your smartphone camera to capture shots of crops that were damaged by natural disasters, the damage or losses on each plot of land are automatically calculated to make preparing paper work for compensation for damages easier,” explained Kim as he spoke about the program. Kim was already interested in starting his own business when he was in high school. When his grandfather who cultivated raspberries in Gyeongju suffered major losses after his crops were hit hard by a typhoon, Kim witnessed how urgent an institutional framework was needed to help farmers impacted by natural calamities to receive compensation; this motivated him to develop the business concept.

In order to develop the item into an actual product, Kim has received a total 10 million KRW in support funds—5 million KRW each respectively from the Dankook Startup Support Foundation and SW-oriented university project group. “(I) plan to build this item into a successful business and expand to the Philippines and Indonesia while also studying business administration whenever I have the time in between studying my major in order to build a strong company,” said Kim as he shared his aspirations for the future.