Class Selection

  • The degree programs at Dankook University are taught in Korean. The English-taught courses are listed here:
  • English-taught Course List for Fall 2017 (The course list for Fall 2018 will be available in early June. As the courses in each semester does not change much, the prospective exchange program applicants for Fall 2018 can refer to this Fall 2017 course list to find out if the courses for their intended major is offered in English and make their study plan.)
  • English-taught Course List for Spring 2018
  • The Departments of International Business Administration and Mobile Systems Engineering offer all courses in English.
  • Students are advised to enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours including Korean language courses.


  • After being accepted, students will submit class requests with their online application. We will then initiate the enrollment process with each department on campus. Unfortunately, students do not receive priority registration therefore it is important to note that class requests are not guaranteed. Students will have an opportunity to make changes to their schedules during the first two weeks of class if necessary.


  • Each class will receive a separate grade mark (A, B, C, D, or F). An A, B, and C is considered passing while D and F is considered below average and failing.
  • Each of these marks is then averaged based on the number of credits assigned in what we call a Grade Point Average (GPA).


  • One original transcript will be sent free of charge to the student’s home university. This usually happens within one month after the end of the semester after all grades are posted.