The curriculum is designed to strike a balance between theory and practice to support students in obtaining a quick and accurate grasp of the "study of law", a very rational and logical academic field. Students start from introductory courses progressing to dealing with actual cases in the classroom. Various electives are also offered to nurture professional areas along with English courses to meet the demands of today's globalized society. A special examination preparation class is also set up to help students as they prepare for bar exams and other tests.



Graduates may pass the bar exam, enroll in Law School, or take an examination to practice as a lawyer, judge or prosecutor. Others may decide to take the examination for higher civil services and general civil services, work at the National Assembly or courts, or become patent attorneys, valuators, certified labor attorneys or members of corporate legal teams.


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Lee, Moosang | Department of Law

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procedural law, execution law, general theory of law, Evidence

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