Dankook University's School of Pharmacy is in an optimal position for pharmaceutical research and education, located in the ‘biomedical cluster' formed along with other relevant academic departments, the university hospital, university dental hospital and general clinical testing center. In addition to the three research centers under the research center for life science and pharmaceutical studies, there are eight research and development centers for new drug development and an animal testing facility to meet the various demands for field practice.



Graduates who pass the annual national pharmacists examination can obtain pharmacist's licenses and open pharmacies, or can advance into one of the four career tracks (regional, clinical, industry, research pharmacist) chosen in their senior year.


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Yong Seok Choi | Department of Pharmacy

  • Grade:
    Associate Professor


Dr. Choi received his undergraduate degree in pharmacy, MS in pharmacy, and PhD in chemistry from Chung-Ang University (Seoul, South Korea), Seoul National University (Seoul, South Korea), and State University of New York at Buffalo (Buffalo, NY, USA), respectively. During his course of PhD, he carried out various studies on mass spectrometry including noble nanoelectrospray method development in Dr. Troy D. Wood’s group. Also, he worked on the development of an Alzheimer’s disease diagnostic method based on targeted proteomics in Kelvin H. Lee’s group at the department of chemical engineering, University of Delaware as a postdoctoral researcher.
Currently, Dr. Choi is focusing on 1) the development of a disease diagnostic method based on multiple biomarkers, 2) the development of sensitive methods for drug analysis using mass spectrometry, and 3) wide applications of mass spectrometry to proteomics and metabolomics at Dankook University.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching strategy is "MACH":

1. Inducing strong "m"otivation to students by providing the purpose/usage of knowledge in the actual fields
2. Helping students to connect "a"pplications (experiments) with their knowledge
3. Stressing on the delivery of the "c"oncept of knowledge
4. Providing extra "h"elp to student for better understanding of knowledge (e.g. problem sessions)


Analysis of drugs from various samples using LC-MS/MS
Analysis of various natural products using LC-MS/MS
Biomarker discovery and validation (e.g. Alzheimer's disease CSF, autism urine)
Development of a screening method for atopic dermatits-inhibitiing natural products using LC-MS/MS
Nanoelectrospray ionization (nESI) method development
Proteomics (including PTM site identification)


Biomarker research, proteomics (including PTM site identification), mass spectrometry general, HPLC (including nanoHPLC) general, drug analysis, natural product analysis, instrumental analysis method development

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