Alien Registration Card


  • Foreigners who want to reside in Korea for more than 90 days

Documents to be submitted

  • Application form 신청서 , original and copy of passport (photo side & visa side), certificate of enrollment, tuition receipts, two photos, commission fee of 30,000 won, residence certificate, Student insurance policy
    ※ Photo: taken within the last 6months, white background, 3.5cm*4.5cm, color, 1 photo of frontal showing eyebrows and ears


  • Application must be made within 90 days of entry
  • Name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number, issue date, expiration date changes should be reported within 14 days from the date of change

Required documents: application form, passport and alien registration card, documents proving changes

Residence Status Change

[First Admission] General Training (D-4) → Study (D-2)

  • Required Documents
    • Application form, passport, original and copy, alien registration card, 1 photo, Certificate of Admission, graduation / transcript, final education certificate, certificate of enrollment (with attendance), Institute report, explanatory statement (if Language school grades fall short resulting in no diploma), Tuition payment receipt, USD13000 or more bank statement, the whole family notarized copy in English (for Chinese students), family certificate, residence certificate, fee of 130,000 won , students insurance policy
  • Note
    • changes for D-2 (study) status of residence permit must be made before the semester starts.

[Preparation for employment after graduation] Study (D-2) → Job (D-10)

  • Required Documents
    • application form, passport, alien registration card, 1 photo, diploma, transcripts, job search plan (form), residence certificate, 130,000 won fee (including registration reissue)
  • Note
    • Bachelor's Degree or higher in Korea (planning to obtain) inquisitor: GPA less than 3.0 must have a supervisor or the principal's referral sheets
  • Period
    • residence permit changes made within 6 months

Extended Period of Stay

D-2(study) Undergraduate / Graduate Students

  • Required Documents
    • application form, passport and a copy of your passport, alien registration card, certificate of enrollment, transcripts, Tuition Payment Certificate, scholarship certificate, residence certificate, bank statement (original), students insurance policy, 60,000 won fee

D-2(study) Master and PhD graduates (Thesis Preparer)

  • Subject
    • Students planning for a thesis after completing master's and doctorate degree
  • Documents to be submitted
    • Application form, passport, alien registration card, certificate of completion, Professor Confirmation (in form), bank statement, residence certificate, Fee of 60,000 won

Study (Training) Terminator

  • Language Study Abroad
    • Subject: Students who exceeded the 2 year limit by an unavoidable reason and who wishes to continue studying
    • Required Documents: Document of Reasons, Information on FIMS Bachelor, banks statement, training fee payment certificate
  • Undergraduate
    • Subject: Students who haven't obtained complete amount of credits, or requiring more than 4 years to complete their program due to failing graduation exam or other reasons
    • Required Documents: Document of Reasons, Confirmation Letter by the Professor, Bachelor's program information on FIMS, Bank Statement

Part-Time Job Permit


  • Students who received confirmation of approval for Study Abroad Stay from the student`s study abroad advisor
  • Students who completed regular courses (graduate and doctoral included) and is preparing for their thesis paper
  • Previous semester GPA is at least 2.5

Time allowed

  • Within 25 hours per week (Monday -Friday basis) for each semester
    ※ Graduate and doctoral students, and thesis preparing students have within 30 hours per week
  • Unlimited time on holidays, Saturdays and Sundays

Documents to be submitted

  • Application form, passport, alien registration card, international students part-time job recommendation (forms, employer representatives and university students confirmation required), certificate of enrollment, transcript

Work permit areas

  • Jobs ranging within the social norms of the student can be carried out

How to apply

  • Visit the Immigration Office and apply directly or through Online Applications before working

Residential area (address) change


  • When registered foreigner wants to change the address of stay, he or she must report to the city/province/district or immigration office about the address change within 14 days after the moving in/out day

Required Documents

  • Application, passport, Alien registration card, Residence Certificate