Spanish, a language descended from Latin, does not use phonetic symbols which makes it easier for students to learn. In addition to learning the Spanish language, our program offers courses and research on the political, economy and cultural background of relevant countries with the ultimate goal of producing international experts on countries that speak Spanish. Latin American countries that speak Spanish are also rich in natural resources and are seeing a significant increase in trade volume with Korea, offering a bright outlook for our graduates.


Students can take on jobs at trading companies or become professional interpreter/translators, high school teachers or work for government organizations by becoming diplomats.

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Shim Sangwan | Department of Spanish

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I. Research areas: Linguistics, Spanish Syntax (Generative approach), Spanish Grammar

II. Teaching areas: Spanish Grammar, Composition in Spanish(level 1,2,3), Reading Comprehension,
Listening Comprehension

III. Honors and Awards:
1. Seoul National University Award for academic achievements, 1986-1987
2. Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, Government of Spain, 1995-1996
3. Best Teaching Award, Dankook University, 2010, 2017

IV. Professional experience: University of Connecticut, Dept. of Linguistics, Visiting scholar(2006-2007)

Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of education is simple. Cho Byeok, a professor famous for teaching methods in Korea, said, "Lectures where professors ask questions and answer themselves are the lowest-level lectures, lectures that are a little advanced when a student answers a question, and I agree with him 100 percent and try to maintain this in the field of education." In other words, my main goal is to encourage students to think without blindly memorizing in learning foreign languages and find their own answers. So instead of answering the questions right away in the class, I try to wait or to guide them to find answers for themselves.

Educational Background

  • [1988] bachelor's degree Seoul National University (BA)
  • [1992] master's degree Seoul National University (MA)
  • [1996] doctor's degree Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (PhD)


  • Seoul National University, Lecturer (1996-09-01)


Comparative Syntax
Generative approach to Spanish syntax
Spanish Grammar
L2 acquisition


Generative Grammar, Composition in Spanish, Similarities and differences between Spanish and English, Syntactic theory

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