We educate students on a wide range of engineering technologies related to the areas of electric energy, power control, robots, information telecommunications, semiconductors, circuits and computers. These technologies are core technologies needed in the high-tech business, but also essential technologies required in other industries. Therefore, graduates of our program are given a broad spectrum of career choices, playing integral roles in product research and development.



Most graduates go on to play key roles in the IT sector including the telecom, computer, semiconductor and software businesses, or are active in the plant construction and national infrastructure businesses. As the advance of the automotive and heavy industries business accelerates, these industries are also emerging as popular employment opportunities to students these days. In addition, students can also become public officials at technical posts, work for the government or research and development centers, or become secondary school teachers.


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Lee Kee-Sang | School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering

  • Grade:
    Emeritus Professor


Automatic control system design for industrial process
Intelligent control theory and applications
Signal processing for fault detection and diagnosis

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