The department of architecture at Dankook University was the first in Korea to introduce the 5-year architectural program, which launched in 2002. In 2009, our program was observed for accreditation, and successfully obtained KAAB (Korea Architectural Accrediting Board) accreditation the following year. Through the process, the curriculum has been upgraded to meet global standards, cultivating international, creative and artistic talent in the field of architecture, largely contributing to recent advancements of the architecture field in Korea. In addition, the School of Architecture continues to make ongoing efforts to improve the learning environment for students by operating its own scholarship program.



The objective of architecture is to design a living environment that mirrors people's lives. Students can build on their expertise and advance to careers in architectural or interior design, or work as designers and administrators at construction or real estate development companies and city governments.


신동윤 사진

Shin DongYoun | Department of Architectural Studies (5 years)

  • Grade:
    Assistant Professor


Dongyoun Shin studied architecture with a focus on Computer Aided Architectural Design and Information Architecture at ETH Zurich, where he took his Master and Ph.D Degree. He also has a background working at the Architectural Design office JungLim Architecture, Design OZ, and Re:timus. He is currently focusing on Smart Building Design and Urban Simulation, which is simulating the complex world by adopting Big Data analysis.

Teaching Philosophy

"Honest architecture for honest space."
건축은 그 시대의 요구 가장 '정직'하게 반영한 삶의 공간을 생산한다. 시대를 반영하되 그것이 긍정의 힘을 가질 때 비로소 건축가는 사회로부터 그 역할을 인정 받을 것이고 지속가능한 생산을 계속 할 수 있을 것이다.

Educational Background

  • [2005] bachelor's degree Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul Korea
  • [2007] master's degree Computer Aided Architecture Design, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • [2015] doctor's degree Chair for Information Architecture, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
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