Our program is designed to help students understand and analyze the modern economy in the era of globalization and information. With professional schools that demand students with knowledge in economics continuously appearing and globalization accelerating, the curriculum provides a wide array of professional courses for our students. Not only are cutting-edge courses using quantitative analysis software in multimedia classrooms offered, but outstanding professors are also lined up to sharpen the program as a major that can respond to the rapid changes in the information and global economy.


Graduates can enter various fields such as government offices, state-owned companies, private businesses, the financial sector, media etc. Students can advance to further studies at graduate schools to engage in more professional and academic activities, as well as working in diverse areas by passing national examinations that mandate expertise in economics (financial posts, certified public accountants, patent attorneys, bar exams, foreign service exam, etc).


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Beum-Jo Park | Department of Economics

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Behavioral Economics
Financial Econometrics
Financial Engineering
Uncertainty and Risk Management

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