Dankook University, Korea

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How to get to DKU

Subway Route

Subway using guide

Take metropolitan subway(toward cheonan), taking exit on "dujeong station", and take number 11 bus across the road at the bus station.
Use shuttle bus from 8:10am to 8:45 at dujeong station in the morning

Shuttle Bus (not operating during vacation)
Dujeong Station-> DKUDKU -> Dujeong Station
From 8:20
in Front of Cheonjiin Sauna
(Mon~Thur : 14 bus/Fri: 12 bus)
From 17:20
in Front of Student Hall
(Mon : 3 bus / Tue~Thu : 4 bus / Fri : 2 bus)
Cheonan Station->DKUDKU -> Cheonan Terminal
From 9:00
Dongbugsquare exit platform
(2 bus)
From 17:20
in Front of Student Hall
(2 bus)
Express(Intercity) Bus

Taking exit on Cheonan Express Bus Terminal, and take number 11 bus across the road at the bus station.
(DKU is the last stop of a bus, time : 10 minutes )


Take Cheonan Station, and take number 11 bus cross underpass at the bus stop in front of Yangji bookstore.

School bus (not operating during vacation)
SpecificationHours for down linesStops of down linesHours for up linesFeesstops for up lines
Gangnam Station07:30~11:00
In front of shinheung stocks and duckheung building, about 200 meters away from exit number 3 in gangnam station toward yangjae13:00~21:00

using during night time
4,300 wonBus station in front of dental school
Yongsan07:10Safe way in the parking lot in front of 13dong, Najin shopping center in front of terminal electronic shopping center after overpass in the yongsan subway stationNot operating
Jamshil07:20in front of control office for sukchon lake park (back gate of lotte hotel)Not operating
depart from Jukjeon station
Jukjeon station (freeway) 
Seognam, Bundang07:20 Moran station
07:40 Seohyun station
In front of SK telecom after getting out from exit number 8
Under the bridge in front of samsung plaza (previous moran pharmacists)
Suwon07:50 Ahjou Univ. entrance
08:00 Yeongtong
08:10 Singal
Ahjou University entrance
(Yeongbong Farm, Across from VIPS)
Shingal T/C entrance next to the city bus station of yungtong
(Kyunghi University entrance, city bus station)
Not operating4,100 won
Ansan07:30 central stationsouthern square at central station (central station mart)Not operating4,400 won
Incheon06:50 Juan station
06:55 Gansuk five way crossing roads
07:05 terminal
In front of convention wedding hall, across the roads of SK gas station, one way road, back gate of vegetable market in front of gansuk hall (western gate)
City bus stations
17:405,400 won
Anyang07:30(Pyungchon)Mokryun A bus stop after cross roads of Kims outletNot operating4,100 won
  • However, times are modifiable according to conditions in each semester
  • management office of shuttle bus: 041-567-4517, 010-5405-4517
  • 500 won added for all the lines if using cashes
  • Passenger ticket stores: school cafeteria

In case of using gyungboo Expressway : after passing through Cheonan tollgate, make a right turn and then left turn toward Dankook University Cheonan Campus(takes about 5 minutes from Cheonan tollgate to Dankook University)

In case of using western sea Expressway : after passing through western pyungtaek songak tollgate, go through asan spa village, going straight toward ansuh dong, and enter cheonan campus(takes about 35minutes from tollgate to dankook University Cheon Campus)