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Department of History

Students learn

The study of history is based on the general understanding of civilization and culture of the past. The past can illuminate the present as a mirror even though it has passed away. If you could reflect upon the present through historical incidents, they could also provide an insight in seeing the future.

In this perspective history is a significant field of study. The Department of History offers a wide range of courses, from introductory subjects of general understanding in both Korean history and western history to deeper courses which cover ancient history to modern history according to period and/or geographic region.

The Department of History has various coursed related to the title that student can easily follow, along with many lectures and seminars.

Currently, students conduct investigations of a historic site in order to complement t knowledge gained in the classroom, two times every year. This is a good opportunity to help raise debating skills between professors and students. In addition, the department plans to explore historic sites overseas in order to broaden students' insights. The department also has an academic society and a study group for students, and every week students explore historic sites in Cheonan to conduct field investigations.

Students need

History talks about human lives. Thus students who are willing to study History should have an expertise in various fields, along with practical in order to analyze the significance of historical data.

We are looking for students who are naturally interested in history, with an understanding of social problems and the general stream of liberal arts and social sciences. Students are required to possess an outstanding ability in reading and writing with logical thinking and creativity. Language skills are also required for in-depth studies of world history and Korean history.

Students can

Graduates majoring in History could work in various fields since they have learned about Korean history and culture as well as world history. They could be employed in museums, art museums, media, communication teams in corporations, or as experts in cultural assets as well as middle- and high school teacher with in-depth studying.

Professors teach

The major of History is largely divided into Korean history, Oriental History, and Western History. It is also divided into Introductory of History, Principles of Korean history and Oriental history, Understanding of World history, and Principle of archaeology in detail.