Online Application

  • You must apply for the Academic Program and add the Global Village (and language).
    Please refer to the information on the Academic Program and complete online application.

  • You also need to submit your additional application documents to
    Please see below for additional application documents

Submit a short self-introduction video

   Video guidelines

  • Duration: 1 minute, 30 second minimum to 3-minute maximum
  •  Speak in the language you plan to teach during Global Village
  • Introduce yourself and talk about what you hope to learn from and how you can contribute to the GV program
  •  File name of the video should follow this format: "GV2020_SURNAME_FIRSTNAME”
  • Video file formats accepted: MP4, WMV, or MOV
  • Send the video to

     ※This is to observe your speaking for speed and accent to better match and coordinate teaching levels.

Application Timeline for the Global Village 2020

Online application

Video submission deadline

March 5, 2020

   ISS Team will screen all applications and an interview may be arranged, if needed

 Application results announced

March 20, 2020

   Result will be announced to you via email