Welcome to Dankook University!

This year celebrates the 70th anniversary of Dankook University. Throughout these 70 years, Dankook has been fostering talent to lead our nation and society based on a belief that education is the foundation of building a strong country and is what completes people.

Dankook has always been at the forefront of advancing local communities as the Cheonan campus (1978) marked the first branch campus in Korea, followed by the openings of the dental hospital (1984), medical hospital (1994) and college of pharmacy (2010) in Cheonan. As we commemorated our 60th anniversary in 2007, Dankook also set a new milestone in innovating college education by relocating the Seoul campus formerly in Hannam-dong to its current home in Jukjeon.

Based on the social and economic advantages and potential offered at each respective location, the Jukjeon and Cheonan campuses launched a campus-based system under our campus specialization strategy. Accordingly, Jukjeon focuses on IT and CT while the Cheonan campus concentrates on BT, foreign languages and regional studies as their main fields.

As a result, the Jukjeon campus has been selected for various initiatives including the leading universities in intellectual property, leading universities for startups, the LINC+ (Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation) project, and the software-oriented university program, just to name a few, leaping forward as a mecca for industry-academia partnerships and entrepreneurism. Meanwhile the Cheonan campus has attracted a wide range of major research projects including the University for Creative Korea (CK) chem-bio professional talent cultivation project and also LINC through its focus on BT and foreign languages. At the same time, it has also achieved remarkable accomplishments in nurturing talent in the field of life sciences including medicine, dentistry and pharmacy.

Dankook is leading the community,
Setting milestones in university innovation,
And creating the future through education

2017! Dankook University declared ‘Vision Dynamic 2027’ which embodies our dreams of becoming a “private Korean university advancing into the world” 10 years from now. This year, the university’s academic system was renewed, a new curriculum fit for today’s changing times was introduced, and pilot operations of the artificial intelligence based academic support system, Edu-AI, started in order to lay the groundwork for Dankook to secure world-class competitiveness by 2027 when the university celebrates its 80th anniversary. This foundation will enable the university to actively respond to changes in the future society while also taking the lead in generating creative value.

We have spread out our wings to soar as Korea’s leading university in the world. We will make investments in education innovation to meet the changing demands of the future and take on endless challenges. At the same time, we will continue to uphold the values of character, intelligence, talent and social services. We will not forget the spirit behind our university’s founding in 1947 and march forward the path of true education to strengthen our nation and contribute to the next generations to come.

Thank you your interest and support for Dankook.