- Students can be fully immersed in Korean culture by learning the Korean language and participating in various activities and field trips during the three week intensive program.
- KIP has 2 intakes and each has the same program contents.


Korean Immersion Program Dates

Arrival / Designated dorm move-in date

August 5, 2019


August 6, 2019

Classes & activities

August 6 ~ August 22, 2019

Dorm move-out date

August 23, 2019

Korean Language Course

Korean Immersion Program Korean Language Course
Dates Monday through Friday, 5 days/week
Times 9:00 am-1:00 pm
Hours Total 45 hours/course
Placement test On the first day of class
Credit 3 credits
Credit transfer To transfer credits, students are advised to consult with an academic advisor at their home university and obtain pre-approval to receive credits for coursework from DKU.

Cultural Activities

Korean Immersion Program cultural activities
No Activity Fee
1 Amusement Park (Everland) 40,000
2 Ceramic Arts 25,000
3 Korean Traditional Music 10,000
4 Korean Traditional Dance 10,000
5 K-pop Dance 10,000
6 Korean Movie 5,000
7 Making Kimchi 25,000
8 DMZ/JSA 100,000
9 Seoul Tour (N-Tower) Free
10 Non-verbal Musical Free