- Students can be fully immersed in Korean culture by learning the Korean language and participating in various activities and field trips during the three week intensive program. 


Korean Immersion Program Dates

Arrival / Designated dorm move-in date

August 5, 2019


August 6, 2019

Classes & activities

August 6 ~ August 22, 2019

Dorm move-out date

August 23, 2019

Korean Language Course

Korean Immersion Program Korean Language Course
Dates Monday through Friday, 5 days/week
Times 9:00 am-1:00 pm
Hours Total 45 hours/course
Placement test On the first day of class
Credit 3 credits
Credit transfer To transfer credits, students are advised to consult with an academic advisor at their home university and obtain pre-approval to receive credits for coursework from DKU.

Cultural Activities

Korean Immersion Program cultural activities
No Activity Fee
1 Amusement Park (Everland) 40,000


Non-verbal Musical


3 Craft Arts 10,000
4 Korean Traditional Music 10,000
5 Korean Traditional Dance 10,000
6 K-pop Dance 10,000
7 Making Kimchi 25,000
8 DMZ/JSA 100,000
9 Seoul Tour (N-Tower) Free
10 Taekwondo 10,000